Terms of business

12 Croskery Road,
Auckland 2110

Ph: (09) 299 3640
Fax: (09) 299 3740

Machine servicing

Huerner New Zealands' Service Department

We have a fully equipped and operational service department dedicated to the service and repair of any Huerner machine or tools. We make a point in providing maintenance and servicing as fast as possible because nothing is more important that the operation readiness and operation safety of your machine. We recommend that you get your machine serviced on a regular basis and we pride ourselves on a fast response but whatever your need is, we are here to support and consult you every step of the way.

Optional Calibration Certificates and Service Certificates are available if you require this with your machine. Service Certificates are included when the machine arrives back in your hands. Feel free to get in touch with our team at any time for any query you may have. Our physical address is below, either pop in or send your machine with your details to the address below:

Huerner Welding Technology NZ Ltd
12 Croskery Road,
Auckland 2110
New Zealand
Attn: Service Department

Please contact us if you have any further issues or queries.