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Tools and accescessories

A quality joint does not only require reliable welding systems, but also proper pipe preparation, the right accessories, and the right tool. Our product offering includes a broad range of tools and appliances for the proper mechanical processing of the pipe and appropriate welding cable adapters and boxes and containers.

Huerner Plastic Pipe Shearer

  • Size: 0-35mm
  • Size: 0-42mm
  • Size: 0-50mm
  • Size: 0-63mm
  • Replacement blades available

Huerner Pipe Scraper

  • Size 1: 32-160mm
  • Size 2: 110-500mm

Huerner Hand Scraper

  • Manual Scraper – Single Blade
  • Manual Scraper – 4-Edge Blade
  • Replacement Blades Available In Both Sizes

Huerner Universal Pipe Aligner

  • Size 1: 20-75mm
  • Size 2: 63-180mm

Huerner External Bead Remover

  • Size: 75-400mm
  • Replacement Blades Available