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HSK Products

Welding Extruder

  • Extrusion Welding for PE, PP, PVC
  • Patented temperature probe, location in the melt chamber.
  • Patented rod feeding, no additional gearing.
  • Control units for actual / desired mass temperature.
  • Cold start protection.
  • Rod diameter 3 mm and 4mm.
  • Hot air blower controlled (air quantity 300 l/min)
  • Heating hot air blower, 1500 W.
  • Works as basic extruder, without external air supply.
  • 1kg, 1.8kg, 2.5kg, 4kg Plus many more options.

Hot Air Blower

  • The choice of heat output of either 3000 W or 3400 W 230 V can be seamlessly adjusted from room temperature to 700 °C. The device is fitted with a new and very reliable electronic temperature control. The air output is, depending on nozzle, 450 litres/min.
  • The air flow can be changed by various plug-on nozzles, meaning that various uses are possible.
  • The hot air blower Grand S-Electronic stands out for its unique ergonomic handle. Thanks to its ergonomics and light weight the user can handle the equipment professionally and effortlessly.
  • With its 1400 g weight and 3m lead the HSK100 is light, meaning it can be used purely as hand equipment and for installation into various machines.
  • Capable of 1500 hours of work.

HSK Spark Tester

  • The PST 100 Spark Tester provides a quick and cost effective method of inspection on thick coatings and linings. Coating thicknesses of between 3 and 30mm can be tested. It can be widely used for testing butt-welded and overlap joints in the plastics & rubber, petrochemical and pipeline construction industries.
  • Output voltage range: 10 - 55kV
  • Output: Pulsed ring
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Mains voltage: 230v AC 50/60 Hz (Ref: T50)
  • Weight (Unit only): 1.05Kg
  • Dimensions (Unit only): 6cm wide x 20cm high x 27cm long
  • Packed Weight (basic kit): 1.4Kg

Welding Nozzles + Accessories

  • Various Sizes available for both Extruders and hot air welders!
  • For the sizes and ranges available, please contact us or visit HSK at www.schweissextruder.de for more information.